1. What is Investable?

Investable is a community of over 600 professional investors interested to discover curated technology startups (Smart City, Internet of Things,FinTech and HealthTech).  Once registered, members can start browsing through pre-vetted technology companies by clicking on "Startups".

2. I would like to learn more about Investable. Can I book an information session?

Click here to book an information session.

3. What is a reward?

A reward is a gift of goods or service given to the Investor following his/her investment. The gift is often related to the startup's offering. Rewards are always offered in addition to equity.  

4. I do not reside in Hong Kong. Can I still become a member?

Of course. However, non-residents wishing to invest on Investable are responsible for observing all applicable laws and regulations of their relevant jurisdictions before accessing the information contained herein. 

5. Is it possible to meet the startup?

Yes, you simply have to click on the "Meet the startup" button on the campaign of your choice.

6. What kind of risks are involved?

Among others, seed investing involves significant risks including illiquidity, dilution and risk of total loss of investment. In order to reduce such risks, experienced professional investors spread their investments within a diversified portfolio and perform their own due diligence on presented opportunities. The Investable team will perform a general due diligence on opportunities. 

7. What happens after I press the button "Commit"?

Once you decide to commit capital on the plaform, the startup will be sending you the term sheet for your perusal and other relevant legal documentation. 

8. What if I want to withdraw my investment?

As for any private investment, the investor shall find a buyer to acquire his/her shares. 

9. How can I be invited to your “invite-only” events?

Active members will received an invitation by e-mail prior to the event. Members may bring guests. However, access to the event is restricted to professional investors only. 

10. Can I refer a company?

Please get in touch directly with our general manager at hello@investable.vc. Our due diligence will review every opportunity referred by members.

11. We are a venture capital firm and would like to establish a partnership with Investable. Is that possible?

It is possible. Please contact us directly.  

12. I would like to suggest some improvements to the Investable team. How should I proceed?

We are constantly improving and looking forward to your comments to better serve you in the future. Please contact us with your suggestions or comments and we will try our best to incorporate the suggested new feature. 

13. What is the relationship between Nest and Investable?

Investable leverages the extensive experience of Nest's due diligence team to select technology startups’ investment opportunities for its members. Presented opportunities will all be part of Nest's portfolio.

14. What type of startups do you have on the platform?

The investment committee selects businesses based on the founder's ability to execute, scalability and viability of the business model. They will analyse the total addressable market (TAM), competitive landscape, entry barriers, profile/experience of its founders, technology, traction up to date, financials etc. Startups listed on our platform will have a technology component and between seed to Series A stage. They will often fall within one of these categories: Smart City, FinTech, HealthTech/Wearable tech, Gaming, E-commerce and Internet of Things (IoT). 

15. What social media platforms are used by Investable?

You can follow us on the following Social Media platforms: